August, 2009

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Welcome to the SHARE Project

The Survey of Health, Ageing and Retirement in Europe (SHARE) is a longitudinal, multidisciplinary and cross-national panel database of micro data on health, socio-economic status and social and family networks of more than 30,000 individuals aged 50 or over. SHARE is coordinated centrally at the Mannheim Research Institute for the Economics of Aging (MEA). SHARE’s scientific power is based on its panel design that grasps the dynamic character of the ageing process. SHARE’s multidisciplinary approach delivers the full picture of the ageing process and rigorous procedural guidelines and programs ensure an ex-ante harmonized cross-national design.


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Latest SHARE data

The Irish SHARE data will be available with the next release of SHARE. You can then download it with the regular SHARE data from fourteen other European countries at

Latest SHARE results

Click here for results from Wave 1 of SHARE in Ireland

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Tackling the Demographic Challenge


The importance of this project for Ireland  

(i) The data is fully comparable to 11 other Western European countries. South Korea, Australia, Poland, Czech Republic and Israel have also joined the survey. The core modules are also comparable to the main ageing survey in Britain (ELSA) and the US (HRS).

(ii) Participating in this project feeds Ireland in to an international research network involving the major experts in the world in a number of diverse ageing fields including medicine, economics, epidemiology and several others. Combined with the comparable data-set, there is an enormous opportunity for Ireland to learn in advance from the experiences of countries farther along the ageing process. Placing Ireland in to this data-set effectively recruits not only skills within UCD but also the combined intellectual capabilities of the entire SHARE community and the many other institutions that will use this data internationally.   

(iii) Participating in this project affords UCD the opportunity to move to the frontier of social survey methods. This will allow technology transfer to other major Irish survey work and contribute to graduate training and development in the social sciences and gerontology. There are strong opportunities for cross-campus collaboration.

The next stage of SHARE is called SHARELIFE. Detailed retrospective life-histories of over 1,000 people over 50 years of age in the Republic of Ireland will be collected in SHARELIFE. SHARELIFE is due to be completed in 2010.