Geary Seminar Summer – 2015

Preparing for Life (PFL): Findings to date

by Louise McEntee

Ailbhe Booth

‘Look, I have my ears open’: Resilience and early school experiences among children in an economically deprived area in Ireland

Judy Lovett

‘There’s no college to help you become a dad’: Perceptions of Fatherhood in PFL

Therese O’Donnell

Non-cognitive development in early childhood – the influence of maternal employment and the mediating role of childcare (Growing up in Ireland)

Lisa Christine Girard

Expressive language ability and pro-social behaviour in early childhood: Longitudinal associations from the UK Millennium Cohort Study

Michael Daly

Childhood self-control: a foundation for adult success? (National Child Development Study, British Cohort Study)

Catherine O’Melia

Effects of early intervention on the home environment and its mediating role on cognitive functioning: A randomised controlled trial

Caroline Rawdon

Early intervention and child health: Evidence from a Dublin-based randomised controlled trial

Caitriona Logue

Comparing experimental and quasi-experimental estimates of the effectiveness of early childhood intervention: A study of childhood asthma

Nick Fitzpatrick

There’s more to life than intention-to-treat: The role of dosage in an early intervention trial