Dr. Orla Doyle (May, 2015) 

Seminar at the University of Queensland







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   Claire O’Rourke (November, 2014) 

Prize winning poster in the student category at the Psychological Society of Ireland annual           conference.











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   Catherine O’Melia (October, 2014) 

Presentation at the European Evaluation Society conference.













Dr Christine O’Farrelly, Dr. Orla Doyle, Nick Fitzpatrick & Dr. Judy Lovett (May, 2014).

Research stand at the roll out of Preparing for Life under the Area Based Childhood Programme.

Phase 2 launch












Children’s Thoughts about School Study Fieldwork Team (January, 2014).

Child Study












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Dr. Orla Doyle & Dr. Christine O’Farrelly (December, 2013).

Poster presentation at the Children’s Research Network Conference, Dublin.











Caitriona Logue (November, 2013).

Presentation at the Irish Conference on Economics and Psychology at NUI Maynooth.










Dr. Orla Doyle (September, 2013).

Presentation at the 22nd European Workshop on Econometrics and Health Economics, Erasmus University, Rotterdam.







Dr. Orla Doyle (September, 2013).

Dr. Doyle with Minister Sherlock and other winners of the digital poster competition entitled ‘Why my Research Matters’  at Irish Research Council’s Annual Symposium.






PFL Evaluation Team (September, 2013).









Dr. Judy Lovett (June, 2013).

Presentation at the Society for Research in Child Development Conference, Seattle.







Dr. Eylin Palamaro Munsell (June, 2012).

Presentation at 4th International Community Psychology Conference in Barcelona, Spain.







Edel Mc Glanaghy, Dr. Orla Doyle & Ailbhe Booth (September 2012). 

Poster presentation at the Children’s Research Network Conference, Dublin.











  Preparing for Life Research Team (2010)









Research and Implementation Teams at the Recruitment Celebration (2010)