Dosage information

Blue Group (low dosage)

All 118 families in the low treatment group receive the following services for 5 years:

  • 1-year Facilitated Access to Preschool
    • Improved quality of local preschools as outlined in the National Quality Framework for Early Childhood Education
    • Reserved place for 1 year of childcare
  • Public Health Information & Support Worker
    • Public health campaigns on routine parenting issues
    • Support worker to help access agency services
  • Child Development Materials
    • €100 pa in educational toys and developmental materials

Green Group (high treatment)

All 115 families in the high treatment group receive the same three supports as the Blue Group in addition to the following three high intensity supports for 5 years.

  • One-to-One Mentoring
    • Home visits from a trained mentor
    • Frequency of the visits depends on the needs of the families, with the majority of families receiving fortnightly visits, and some monthly
    • Mentors support and help parents with key parenting issues from pre-birth to age 5
    • Visits last  from 30 minutes to 2 hours depending on the needs of the family
    • Visits are focused in the following 5 areas:
      • Pre-birth
      • Nutrition
      • Rest and Routine
      • Cognitive and Social Development
      • Mother and her Supports
  • Group Parent Training Programme
    • Based on the Triple P Positive Parenting Programme
    • Multi-level intervention developed at the Univsersity of Queensland, Australia
    • Involves a 4 week group based parenting programme
    • Uses videos and vignettes, role play, and tip sheets
  • Baby Massage Classes
    • Offered during first year (0-10 months)
    • Delivered by mentors trained by Baby Massage Ireland
    • Involves 5 group sessions of approximately 2 hours each
    • To promote interaction and communication between parents and babies