Children’s Profile at School Entry

An annual representative survey of children ages 4-5 years was conducted in the local primary schools in the PFL communities between 2008 and 2016.

This survey, which focused on the children’s levels of school readiness in the year they started school indicated the general level of school readiness in the area for the cohort of children who were not receiving the enhanced PFL programme. It was also used to indicate whether the PFL programme generated positive externalities, and served as a baseline for the PFL cohort.

Using the Short Early Development Instrument (Janus, Duku, & Stat, 2005) teachers in the area rated the school readiness of each child in their class. Similarly, parents completed a questionnaire related to their child’s school readiness.  The parent survey also included information on parenting style and family socio-demographic information.

Further Information:

CPSE 2008-2012 Report, April 2012