Research Fieldworker for PFL

The Fieldworker will support data collection for the age 9 follow-up study of the Preparing for Life programme which is being conducted by the Early Childhood Research Team at the UCD Geary Institute for Public Policy.
Preparing for Life is an early intervention programme designed to combat low levels of school readiness among children living in several communities of North Dublin. The programme intervenes during pregnancy and works with families until the children start school. The programme was evaluated extensively between 2008-2016 using a Randomised Control (RCT) to examine the impact of the programme up to school entry. The results indicated significant improvements in children’s cognitive development, health, and behaviour (see for summary report). To date, the PFL evaluation has produced a series of 8 reports, 22 academic publications, and attracted extensive media coverage. This follow-up study will examine the medium term impact of the programme now that children are approximately 9 years old. The follow-up study will gather data from parents, children, and schools.Further details here